ISC divers receive advance training in cable jointing in ISC's Subsea Innovation Facility. Divers are trained in subsea jointing using samples of the specific damaged cable.

Assist client in location of exact damaged point of cable.

Cable deburial using mass flow excavator.

Provision of sub sea habitat repair system.

Divers repair the cable subsea in the dry using the habitat.

Cable burial after repair completed.

Cable ship charter.

Supply of ROV with ROV Technician.

Supply of GPS surveyors.

Bury repaired section of cable on completion.

Case study - Subsea Power Cable Repair

In Aug 2016, a 3-core power cable which supplied the Aran Islands with electricity, developed a fault and the islands power was cut off. Irish Sea Contractors commenced intensive training of 12 of our divers in sub sea cable jointing. The ESBI supplied cable jointers to train our divers at our Sub Sea Innovation Facility in Ferns.

When our divers had perfected the skills of cable jointing in our warehouse they then proceeded to implement these skills in sea water. After weeks of intensive training, a 9 man diving team was mobilised to the Aran Islands to commence a sub sea cable repair of the power cable.

The weeks of intensive training in our Sub Sea Innovation Facility really paid off as the repair was successfully completed in record time and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional repair procedure.

This was a first in the world in power cable repair.