Installation, burial & shore landings

  • Planning
  • Pre installation surveys
  • Beach civils works
  • Cable ship charter
  • Supply of cable engines,quadrants,winches & rollers
  • Supply of shallow draft boats
  • Supply of ROV with ROV Technician
  • Provision of experienced personnel:
    • Project Manager
    • Project Engineer
    • Beachmaster
    • OIM
    • ADC Dive Supervisor(s)
    • HSE Part 1 Divers
    • Fitters/Welders & General Operatives
  • Supply of Excavators & shore plant
  • Supply of GPS surveyors
  • Cable Trenching equipment for seabed burial from .5m to 1.5m
  • Beach reinstatement
  • Post installation surveys
  • As laid drawings

Case study - Installation, burial & shore landings

In 2015 Irish Sea Contractors were awarded a contract by Prysmian to complete all marine & civil works for the installation of 7 power cables across the Shannon Estuary,Moneypoint to Killpadogue.

Contract works completed:-

Pre-cable landing

  • Provision of all site offices & site security
  • Removal of armoured rock on shore end & levelling site
  • Installation of gabion stone wall on East boundary
  • Sub sea burning & removal of old mooring bollard piles
  • Construction of sea walls
  • Construction of armour walls & joint pits
  • Installation of concrete ducting (approx 350m)for cable shore landing
  • Install stone infill between ducting
  • Install Ridgeway stone bags over rocky ground sub sea of ducting

After Cable Landing

  • Fill ducting with CBS
  • Install ducting lids & secure
  • Re-instate armoured rock on shoreline
  • Re-instate beach & shorelines
  • Re-instate & fence off landing site on completion

7 Cable Installations

14 cable landings were completed between Nov 2015 & Feb 2016 during very challenging winter weather conditions on West Coast of Ireland.

  • Provision of experienced cable laying personnel
  • Provision of all shallow draft vessels
  • Provision of cable engines,winches,quadrants & beach rollers
  • Supply of dredging barges & tug to clear rocky areas prior to cable lays
  • Cable trenching machine used for burial depths of 1m to 1.5m near shore

All construction materials supplied to both sites by Irish Sea Contractors