ISC have recently installed an in-house diver training tank at our new premises in Lodgewood.

The training tank can accommodate two fully kitted divers working at same time. The Training Instructor is located in an office (dive control) with full view through a port hole of the divers in water training.

Under the direct supervision of our Technical Operations Manager, Larry Morrissey, four ISC diver/welders have been certificated to AWS D3.6M:2010 Class A which is the highest wet welding qualification achievable in the World

This is a remarkable achievement which was completed over 16 long consecutive days and a huge credit is due to the patience & resolve of the Technical Operations Manager coupled with the superb skills of our four young diver/welders. Butt welds with 17 passes were produced to the highest standards & all witnessed by the Welding Inspector from EIS who admitted that the weld quality achieved in the water tank was on a par with surface weld test pieces.

As part of the training in the dive tank, four other ISC divers spent a number of days under the watchful eye of Larry Morrissey training in the use of air grinders and hydraulic grinders. This proved to be excellent training – these four divers are now fully trained in the preparation & angles required to the surface area prior to commencement of this standard of sub- sea welding.

The deadline for the completion of this training/certification process was the arrival of a 180m x 30m bulk carrier in Dublin Port on 17th March 2016. The owners of the vessel had requested ISC to carry out 21 mts of welding repairs to the mewis duct on the vessel strictly adhering to AWS D3.6M:2010 Class A welding standard. ISC despatched 2 x 6 man diver/welder teams, fresh from our in-house training to Dublin Port working 2 x 12 hour shifts continuously until job completion.

Welding works commenced at 2000 hrs on Thursday 17th March and were completed fully by 2400 hrs on 21st March with BV Class Surveyor in attendance. ISC completed MPI tests with a 3.2U weld inspector on the welds to confirm that the sub-sea weld standards had indeed been achieved.

ISC motto ….NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM (“Nothing but the best is good enough”) is most definitely applicable.

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