During late December 2015, a bulk carrier ran aground in the mouth of Cork Harbour as she was departing Cork for Norway loaded with materials from Lisheen Mines.

As a result of the grounding, the vessel was holed in three places on the bottom of hull. ISC despatched a 10 man diver/welder crew to the Port of Cork with our mobile fabrication workshop & materials on 28th Dec 2015. Our crews worked round the clock and welded three specially prepared cofferdams to cover the holes in the hull. The cofferdams were then sealed with grout and after trials supervised by Class Surveyors on 2nd Jan 2016, the vessel was allowed sail to Norway to discharge her cargo and then onwards to Germany for permanent repairs in dry dock.

This was a very successful operation during the Holiday period with nil visibility in the flooded river and was a credit to the professionalism of the ISC team – well done to all.

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