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In 2019 ISC were awarded a contract by EU Networks to install two PLSE(pre laid shore ends) at Portrane, Co Dublin and Southport, UK as part of the new Rockabill Fibre Optic Cable system between Ireland and UK.

At Portrane we installed and trenched to 1.5m depth in seabed 8kms of PLSE and at Southport we installed and trenched to a depth of 1.5m in seabed a further 18kms of PLSE.

ISC chartered the DP2 Mulicat “Roxanne Z” from Jifmar to complete both shore ends. Once the Client had completed the DD at both shores, ISC shore crew set up two land sites at beach manhole for the works. We used our own trenching machine, “Sandpiper LT” to bury the cable offshore  to 1.5m depth for 22.5kms distance  and used a Der Folck FSP6 plough combined with an FWF92 winch unit from 3.5kms offshore in intertidal zone at Southport to DD ducting on beach.

Because we needed to beach the Roxanne Z for the cable pull in at Southport, ISC crew fitted 2 x spud legs onto the starboard side of the vessel to hold position during the time that the DP positioning system was unavailable due to dry out.

Despite having lost 6 days due to bad weather, ISC successfully completed both PLSEs to specification within a 28 day duration during  July 2019.

“Nil satis,nisi optimum”

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