Irish Sea Contractors have recently completed the construction of a “Sub Sea Innovation Facility” on their premises at Ferns, Co Wexford. The prime purpose of the facility is to upskill our diving workforce to achieve excellence in performing some difficult sub sea tasks as requested by our Clients.

The facility located in our warehouse in Ferns has a 5 ton gantry crane overhead, measures 12m long x 6m wide x 3.5m deep and is filled with sea water. Directly over the facility there is a diver changing room (4 divers), dive control room with panel to accommodate 4 divers in the water at once and a Client control room.

Each room, including a separate training room which can seat 12 people, has TV monitors installed with approx. 6 cameras transmitting different views to each monitor.

Since the facility was completed, we have been busy subsea training for the following tasks;

  • Four of our divers have been certified for sub sea welding to highest standard AWS D3.6M:2010 Class A. These divers have since completed approx. 50m of underwater welding on a Bulk Carrier under the close supervision of BV Classification Society.
  • At present we are sub sea training 12 divers in sub sea cable jointing under the direct supervision of ESBI engineer jointers. Divers are training in the use of an ESBI patented sub sea cable repair system and these divers have a number of cables lined up for this repair. Our first cable repair job is to be completed during September; the Aran Island cable was recently damaged by an anchor and a full sub sea cable joint is now urgently required.

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