MV Pantanal  – a 7,000 ton Heavy Lift Vessel , suffered severe  bottom damage to her hull having dragged anchor and went ashore off the coast of Galway on the West Coast of Ireland  around 2nd April. The vessel was subsequently re-floated on a high tide with the assistance of Tugboats.

Irish Sea Contractors were requested to complete a detailed Hull Survey to Germanischer Lloyds standard whilst vessel was on anchor in Galway Bay. The vessel had suffered extensive bottom plate damage all along her hull with severe indentations  & punctures where vessel had dragged & eventually sat down on a rocky shore.

Irish Sea Contractors were awarded the contract to carry out urgent temporary repairs to  Germanischer Lloyds  approval enabling  the vessel  sail to Bremerhaven for drydocking.

Irish Sea Contractors immediately mobilised a 10 man diver welding team with all necessary equipment to carry out extensive plating repairs to repair the seven  holes/cuts  in the Hull. The 10 man dive team worked 12 hour days with two divers in the water working  independently of each other all the time and a topside crew fabricating templates for each hole repair. The Dive Supervisor, GL Surveyor & Owner’s Marine Superintendent were able to monitor the underwater works on the TV monitors in the Dive Control at all times.

Divers used a Tornado Gun to fire 8mm  studs into the hull around each hole in order for to secure a temporary work platform to position the diver at each hole location. In order to seal the leaks in the vessel prior to welding plate, a fibreglass repair product, Tradecc 6890, was inserted into hole in plastic bags, which were punctured in position by the diver & within 30 seconds of contact with sea water sealed the hole completely.

Holes were accurately measured using a plastic template & repair patches were fabricated on deck to template size. Divers welded all  steel plate patches by overhead welding using 3.2mm Barricuda Gold welding rods.

After some 50 hours of underwater welding was completed the vessel was completely sealed and the GL Surveyor released the vessel for her onward 4 day passage to Bremerhaven.

Irish Sea Contractors dive team were complimented by all concerned for their professionalism and ability to get the job done within time in a difficult and exposed location.


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